Laminated glass

Laminated glass customizable to create a unique product!

It’s possible to laminate many types of materials such as paper, marble/stone, polyester, photos, any kind of canvas: give room for imagination and create a unique product.

Laminated glass with jellies

Choice with over 300 colors
Maximum size 1200x3000 mm.

Laminated with painted and varnished glass

Different colors and size

Laminated glass with metal films

N.11 different types
Maximum size 1400x3000 mm.

Galvanized Art. GA-1 , METALIZED 100% aluminum
Linen Art. GA-2 , METALIZED 35% it. Trans aluminum
Diamond Deck-Plate Art. GA-3 , METALIZED
Spectra Sheen Art. GA-5 , METALIZED 70% it. Trans aluminum
Rain Art. GA-6 , METALIZED 100% aluminum
Sparkles Art. GA-10 , METALIZED 70% it. Trans aluminum
Stardust Art. GA-13 , METALIZED 65% it. Trans aluminum
Lens Array Art. GA-16 , METALIZED 100% aluminum
Crystals Art. GA-18 , METALIZED 70% it. Trans aluminum
Rain-Wave Art. GA-19 , METALIZED 100% metal
Brushed Radial Art. GA-20 , METALIZED 100% metal e GA-21, METALIZED 35%

Laminated glass with mirror

Different colors

Laminated with patterned and cathedral glass

Different models and colors

Laminated glass with paper, juta, cloth, fabric

Different colors, size and type.

Laminated glass with “craquelè”

Different colors

Laminated glass with magic film

Liquid crystal polymer laminate operated by an electric control function On / Off
Maximum size 1000x3000 mm., minimum thickness 5 mm. glass extra clear float

Laminated glass with led

Different colors
Maximum size 1250x3000 mm.

Laminated glass with electroluminescence

Different colors (white, green, orange, blue)
Maximum size 500x1350 mm.

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