Products and Services

Glass for every need!

Edile-Vetro creates customized solutions for every need:
  • Glass replacement and installation.
  • Adaptation window for double glazing.
  • Every type of glass for doors and mirrors; safety glass / mirrors.
  • Sliding or hinged glass doors.
  • Cutting / shaping / grinding glass.
  • Glass fusion.
  • Double/triple glazing CE.
  • Pellicole solari e opache; NOVITA': Pellicola ANTIVIRALE e ANTIBATTERICA
  • Production of multilayer glass and “craquelè” glass; anti-slip glass.
  • Glass Stairs / roofs / floors / balustrades / cladding.
  • Double/triple glazing CE.
  • Screen printed and decorative glass; painted / varnished glass; decorative engraving glass.
  • Wired glass / Laminated fire-resistant glass / Bulletproof glass.
  • Glass washbasin and glass tables, showers.
  • Business and residential maintenance.

Vetri di sicurezza Norma UNI 7697:2021

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