Artistic print

Edile-Vetro decorates with originality and uniqueness!

Glass decoration and finishing with digital HD printing.


New water inks are perfectly transparent and they blend perfectly with the evanescence of glass, enriching it and making it unique; with new inks WHITE AND TRANSPARENT we can get fabulous tonal effects. We can print on glass high-resolution images, photos, logos, writing…

Printed glass can be laminated in order to obtain a safety glass.


We can print on tempered glass, transparent or mat glass, mirrors and many other materials.

This is a new technique of glass decoration, that permits to use creativity and inventiveness. It is possible to perform the reproduction of paintings and pictures of the most famous artists on any type of glass. Digital printing becomes a form of art with immense visual and emotional impact.

Edile-Vetro can reproduce sacred images and pictures. This is a new alternative to the traditional funerary art.

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